About MMD


Cristiano Ceretti

He was born in Milan in December, 1973. Since the earliest childhood he started to paint. Soon he also was interested in photography. At the age of 16 he left home and went to Los Angeles where he dipped into absolutely new reality. This life experience influenced his vision of the world and helped to release his imagination.

Training within the Erasmus program allowed Cristiano to move to ever desired London which became the starting point for travelling around the world. After graduating as an architect he started to work at the design bureau in team until he became the art director. All this time was devoted to different activities from graphic to conceptual design, from editorial activity to realization of art projects.

Galleria-in-Galleria is one of Cristiano's main projects. This is a large-scale exhibition of modern art in the subway of Milan. Bright and ironic art projects Tampax Love and Pinokkio Goes To Smolny by Cristiano were shown at the Biennale in Venice. These art projects attracted the attention of critics and won recognition of the public.

Marco Morosini

He was born in Pesaro in 1972. He studied in I.S.I.A. in Urbino and at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg in Germany. In 1997 he started to work for No Frontiere Design in Vienna, then for Fabrica at the Communication and Research Center sponsored by Benetton and headed by Oliviero Toskani.

He was invited by Oliviero Toskani to work for Miramax and and left for New York for take part in their publishing project. His personal project Uominiuomini was exhibited in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then he came back to Italy to Oliviero Toskani's studio as the Art director. The demonstrating area of his Art project Uominiuomini took place of  700 square meters at the International airport Federico Fellini in Rimini.

Now Marko Morosini works for such large international companies as Iceberg, Pitti Immagine, Ferrari, Maserati, Tecnogym, Masi Agricola and during the last 5 years he is the professor of the  University in Urbino. He is working effectively for Ferrari so his design projects have accompanied launching of the new cars 612 Scaglietti, F430, F430 Spider, F599 GTB Fiorano. Marko also was the architectural designer for the International Motor Show for Ferrari and Maserati and as the art director he created photographic albums about Ferrari such as China Tour, Panamerican 20.000, Magic India Discovery and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Since Le Grandi Ferrari Exhibition in 2012 by Sergio Pininfarina Morosini is engaged in technical providing for Ferrari PR Gallery in Maranello.

In 2005 he created BRANDINA - the successful line of bags and accessories made of fabric for chaise lounges which became an obligatory element of beach design at the Italian Riviera.

The meeting of two designers in Saint-Petersburg where Ceretti was working for a year resulted in the active exchange of opinions concerning the development of modern object design and in understanding of the possibility of collaboration in creation of a new concept in design. Ceretti and Morosini decided to unite their creative energy and their experience for realization of their vision and creative ambition in the new line of object design which they called Modern Mental Design. In Milan they actively started developing the project and during 2011-2012 they created the collection of 300 objects. So the brand appeared which they named MMD. This talented and perspective brand found support and financing in Russia.


Italian designers Cristiano Ceretti and Marco Morosini created the new philosophy of object design - Modern Mental Design - MMD, which gave the name to the brand. This philosophy estimates each object within the emotional-mental scale. It helps to create a Space in accordance with the emotional psychophysical condition of an Individual.

After passing the Emotion Colour Test the psychophysical condition of the client may be defined and the client receives the Individual Card. By using the Card experts may select objects from MMD collection. In cooperation with the famous Italian psychologist Alessandro Melluzzi the MMD team may provide a trip to the personal emotional world creating the Space which completely corresponds to the psycho-emotional condition of the Individual and may offer a unique personal collection of emotional objects.

MMD presents the collection of objects for home design, outdoor and indoor spaces, games and gifts. Each object of the collection has its own emotional-mental passport. Together they make a road map of emotions.